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Nature’s pillow. Sustainable, Durable, Affordable & Comfortable, Naturally Organic, Anti-bacterial & Moisture Resistant.  KapoK is JUST RIGHT in so many ways including JUST the RIGHT amount of softness with support.

We spend a third of our lives or more in bed….it makes sense to create as toxin free space as possible. KAPOK is a naturally organic chemical free sustainable vegan fiber making it a positive solution.

Our vision is to make available an affordable, durable, chemical free bedding system.

KapoK is making a comeback. Used decades ago to fill mattresses and pillows many of us in the west did not know that KapoK “puffs” back up when placed in sunlight. Today we are looking to surround ourselves with more healthful things. We are demanding products that have integrity. We are interested in fibers that are less toxic, sustainable and well suited to the purpose they are intended. We want to know the life cycle of the products we bring into our homes. KapoK fulfils these criterion. 

KapoK is the best priced hypo-allergenic, lightweight non-toxic alternative to synthetic bedding materials. A natural fiber, perfect for Vegan’s as it is cruelty free, it comes from the fallen seed pods of a giant rainforest tree. KapoK trees do not need cultivating or fertilizing and nor are they cut down to harvest its bounty.

The fallen seed pods are wild gathered by villagers across the length and breadth of Indonesia who do a preliminary clean before on-selling it to traders who transport it to the larger centers for thorough cleaning prior to export. There are no chemicals used in the growing, processing, importing or manufacturing our KapoK products. KapoK is naturally anti-bacterial meaning that dust mites cannot live in it and also moisture  resistant therefore it will not mould giving KapoK hypo-allergenic qualities.

The chemicals found in many mass-produced mattresses, including diisocyanates such as MDI and TDI, may be harmful to your respiratory health, may irritate your skin and may even be carcinogenic. The mattresses we make are free of chemical flame retardants, free of chemical adhesives, and made with  the highest-quality natural materials to support the health and happiness of you and your family. One of the many reasons why KapoK natural sleep system is great.

The secret life of KapoK. Over the centuries KapoK has been used for many purposes from bedding to bustles, Life vests to thermal clothing. Remember these? KapoK is super light because it has silky fine sort hollow strands which repel moisture. In other words it will not soak up your body or head sweat.  

From Grass Roots to You KapoK has Benefits Beyond Boundaries.

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