Hi, You may be a returning client, someone who already knows about the benefits of using KAPOK fiber or you could be about to make an amazing discovery in bedding that will change the way that you sleep.

Established in 1995 we offer excellent value and quality to buy KapoK pillow pillows in Australia.

KapoK is natures healthiest eco-friendly bedding system. KapoK is the worlds most sustainable fiber that is comfortable & chemical free, durable & affordable, dust mite & mould free and naturally organic.

To make ordering easier and spread the word about the benefits of KapoK further afield

we have created a great online shopping experience for you at  www.goldilocksnaturalbedding.com.au  

Pop over and have a look.

We are getting active on digital/social media and now You can also find us @ Google My Business and FaceBook  and we are working on some great images to begin our Instagram journey – all under – Goldilocks Natural Bedding.

We have written a little about our background in the ABOUT US page here and there is heaps more information including the historical uses of KapoK on the Goldilocks site.

You can also order online through the KapoK section at www.timortreasures.com

As ever you are welcome to phone  0428 393412 or email to discuss your needs.


We look forward to engaging with you

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