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HERE IT IS - KAPOK fibre to make your own non-toxic dream products.

KAPOK is a chemical free natural fibre that is soft yet supportive. It is a wonderful lightweight alternative to toxic petro-chemical synthetics such as micro-fiber or hollowfil which were modelled on the magical properties and abilities of KAPOK. Naturally organic KAPOK is also malleable and able to be shaped. Kapok is the most environmentally friendly, economical, fairly traded naturally organic eco fibre fill for pillows, bolsters, cushions, doonas and mattresses.

Kapok fibre is moisture resistant and it does not mould. It has its own anti-bacterial properties given by nature which gives Kapok its hypo-allergenic status. Kapok is firmer than sponge yet soft and malleable because of its hollow fibres. Slight compaction will occur over time but Kapok will 'Fluff up' by being placed in direct sunlight. Fortnightly is preferable but not critical.

200gm. of Grade 1 fibre = $28.00 this includes postage within Australia.

1kg. of Grade 1 fibre = $95.00 this includes postage within Australia.

2kg. of Grade 1 fibre = $175.00 this includes postage within Australia.

20kg bales - POA  

 We can include some thin latex gloves and a thin surgical mask if you ask as kapok fiber is so fine and delicate that it can sometimes get up your nose or stick to sweaty hands when working with it to fill your pillow or favourite toy. Dont panic,,,,,kapok is NOT TOXIC...this is purely a consideration from us for your working comfort.

To give you an indication of quantites a single mattress takes 6-7kg. And a standard 70x45cm sleep head pillow takes about 600-700gm depending on your height/loft preference.

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Grade 1 Fibre Grade 1 Fibre      
Grade 1 Kapok

Our range includes pillows, cushions, neck & lumbar rolls, baby belly rolls, mattresses, cot mattress, mediation/yoga/zen thai shiatsu mats & zafu in calico shell. Our team make all of our products in Australia with the exception of the mattresses, the making of which we leave to the expert mattress makers in Indonesia.
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  We have Certified Organic Cotton or Hemp & Organic cotton pillow shells available for purchase separately or you can purchase your Heavenly Head Pillow directly from us. Filled with grade one kapok and a zipper down the side that we make here in Australia using our unique blowing technique adding an extra dimension of loft and comfort to your sleep.

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