FEEDBACK from contented clients.

Jessica 2016 - The Pillows arrived on the Monday and I was very excited and happy to have them yippppeeee.  Thank you so much for you professional service and prompt delivery of my purchases.  I gave my nieces their pillows on the weekend for their birthdays and they were over the moon.  They have wanted one for many years and always steal my other older ones when they come and stay.  They are 11 & 15 and have not put them down at all taking them even in the car.   I gave my mum hers as well and she was also very happy to have some.  They are so soft and comfy and I will enjoy them for many years as will my mum and nieces.  THANK YOU

Thanks Julie, it arrived today. All is perfectly as we ordered. Thank you for helping us organise all this, it has been appreciated. I look forward to sleeping on my pillow tonight!! Grant in Victoria.   Nov 2013

Julie, I received my kapok pillow today, thank you. It arrived very quickly and I'm pleased with it. It's my second one, my first I was given from my Grandmother almost 40 years ago and it's still going strong. Regards, Chris    19/09/2013

I am so looking forward to getting my pillow. I used to have one as a kid (Mum brought it out from the UK in 1960 so Lord knows how old it was) and I then used it for about 16 years....until I got married and decided to wash it.....NOT a good idea. It went so lumpy and horrible it was never used again and I've wanted another one ever since!

UPDATE: Just to let you know I got my parcel today and the first thing I  did was hug my pillow like a long lost friend! It's now on my bed ready  for a good try out tonight. Thanks so much for bringing these Kapok  products back to the market, people that have never tried them don't  know what they're missing out on. I was also really pleased with your way of emailing and speed of  service. If I get the chance, I'll be recommending you to anyone who'll listen! Julie (Tassie) July 2013

Dear Julie The kapok fibre arrived promptly.  Wow, one kilo is a lot of kapok!  A photo of the meditation cushion, which I used the kapok to fill, is attached. I found the kapok fibre a pleasure to work with.  While your ready-made cushions appear well made and value for money, I enjoyed making the pattern, choosing the fabric, sewing and filling a cushion, for myself.  My kapok filled cushion provides a very comfortable support, with a balance of softness and stability, for seated meditation. Regards Kelcey Feb 2012

Hi just a short note to thank you for your great pillow. I have a very sore neck and haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time last night i slept all night and for the first time in ages my neck was hardly sore. Lynda. Jan 2012. Also just enquiring about the kapok mattress how firm are they?


Hi Julie

Every night I lay down on my kapok pillow I think I must let you know how happy I am with them. Takes me back to my childhood. Best night’s sleep I have had in a long time. I am passing the word. Many thanks Liz Brookhill Qld Aug. 2010

Zafu has arrived safe and sound and is already being put to good use.  Excellent product, I'll certainly recommend you to friends and fellow mediators’  Regards Bill  NSW  20 Aug. 2009

Thanks so much, got the bolsters today in perfect condition. Really appreciate all of your help. Look forward to buying more items in the future.   Take care,  Kahkshan  - Saudi Arabia  24 June 2009 

It will be great to replace Mum's 30 year old kapok pillows at last!! I had no idea until recently that you could still buy them. Was great to find your website and know that my purchase is assisting a fair-trade enterprise in Timor. Cheers, Wendy    15 June 2009    Update :My Mum is enjoying them!   25 Aug 2009

Thank you so much, and for your trust in me. I do appreciate it. I look forward to replacing my old kapok pillows that l have had since l was a child, l am now 53 years old!!    Kind Regards,   Dianne    25 March 2009

I received the pillows Tuesday.  They are fabulous! Even better than the American brand. Thank you so much.  Organic Cotton Heavenly Head Pillows. 22/10/09 Simorne

Many thanks for all your efforts. I was determined to order from your organisation and was willing to wear the extra cost, but you have bent over backward to get me the best deal. You are a credit and an example to other on- line companies. Pillows are great too.
Stuart   16 Jan 2009    PS The pillows are the best dog- bark excluders I have come across. Now I can sleep through the rubbish collection and the alarm clock.

I received my two pillows, they are absolutely heavenly. Thank you so much for a prompt turn around on the delivery.        Kind Regards Eileen    15/10/09

I really can't say enough great things about my new kapok cushion! I've been using it everywhere. I've never really sat on anything like it. It compresses when you sit on it, but your butt never really hits the ground, like it would on an ordinary foam cushion. Strange. Anyway, highly recommended, even for just another cushion around the house. Review from a satisfied client.  Jason 2007.

I like the bolsters - they are very lightweight but seem to be keeping their shape. I would like to order another two. Thanks Jenny 22 March 2005

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